Paranormal Thriller
GIFTED ebook - 5x8 - March2022

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Hannah Harper’s scars tell of a traumatic past and her fear of edges hinders her ability to function outside her home, but her visions and psychic readings are rarely wrong.

When Detective Bev Wuthers turns to Hannah for help finding a serial killer, she leads the police right to their man. But the facts of the case aren’t adding up and the threat of corruption within the police department stalls the investigation leaving Hannah exposed as the killer’s next target.

Disgraced undercover cop, Ned Sanders would do just about anything for Bev and is inexplicably drawn to Hannah. He’s not sure how this case is tied to the assassination attempt that nearly ended his life, but he’s not about to fail the two women counting on him.

With the body count rising and supernatural forces interfering, the trio scramble to find enough evidence to make an arrest before a killer’s obsession with Hannah ends in the death of their gifted consultant.


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Pay Me Not In Gold

Fantasy Romance
PAY ME NOT - ebook SM

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When Fae prince, Tory (AKA Rumpelstiltskin), rescues his favorite author from a fatal accident, Ramona Mainstrom is sucked into the fairy world. Thrilled with the turn of events, Tory binds himself to the conditions of Ramona’s stay and promises her protection.

As word of his guest leaks, his do-good brother, King Oberon, decides to rescue Ramona from the clutches of old ‘Rattle Clank’. But Ramona most emphatically does not want to be rescued, obliging Rumpelstiltskin to honor his deal with her; a deal which gives him unfettered use of his magic for the first time since robbed of his full Fae powers.

Now, it’s Rumpelstiltskin to the rescue and there’s gonna be hell to pay!

Pay Me Not in Gold is a short and 'sweet' portal romance. The ‘Ramona Mainstrom’ character is based loosely on the author persona by the same name. She is written with respect, affection, and permission. No romance authors were harmed in the making of this tale